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Our history



8.Maerz 2000 (ashtray Wednesday).

Name origin

Like it to the name of the group came,
can be answered with the following Reim:
"in Mannersdorf hintn in the Woid gibt's A Quoen, de Fuchsbrindl hates,
there Nam of us at boss is A fox, mia glaubm - Fuchsenbrindla - fits "


The Fuchsbruendl before and after the renovation in the autumn 2002

One reaches the Fuchsbruendl in which one straightforward through the nature park "desert" up to parking and there left the three signposts/guides following up to the Bruendl goes.

Goals of the group

To animate by appearances and darbieten of Austrian and European people dances the old dance culture in our region again. Of course the "Fuchsenbrindla" wants to find to fun and maintenance also with one another. Animal seriously its that we leave to the professionals.

Text of the song "S'Fuchsnbrindlaliad"

(text: Victim cow Elizabeth)
(music: after the melody Linzeri Buam)


Notes of the Laendlers "D'Fuchsenbrindla"

(music: Viennese Franz)